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Today, Home Care Match is becoming the go-to source for families searching for high-quality, in-home care for loved ones in need of assistance. We are very different from homecare agencies because:

Private Care

  • Our caregivers earn a living wage because they are directly hired and paid by the family.


  • Our caregivers are flexible and provide such tasks as medication management, skilled care and household management.

  • We can place sleep-in caregivers.

  • Families are able to set the terms of the arrangement. Trained direct hire workers are able to provide skilled care because the family is responsible for their employment, not an agency.

Home Health Agency

  • When working with a home health care agency, you are paying the agency the fee and the agency, after taking a percentage, pays the aide/caregiver


  • Caregivers from agencies are very limited in what they can and cannot do especially in the area of skilled care or medication administration.


  • When using a home health care agency, the agency determines who comes into the home and the activities performed.

  • An agency will accommodate their own interests over both the caregiver and the clients best interests as they make a profit from the salary of the staff while a Registry does not.

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